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Access a library of documents — legally valid for each state — to prepare based on specific legal needs/location: There’s more to financial wellness than just helping individuals plan for retirement — financial wellness means being ready for the unexpected they’ll face throughout life. To help retirement plan participants and retail customers feel more prepared — and more confident — we’re here to help by teaming with ARAG ® to make available a new resource for legal document preparation. Video : Learn more about the ARAG resource. Demo : Explore features of the ARAG website. A: Is Rita 11? — Рите 11 лет? B: No, she isn’t. She is 17. — Нет, ей 17 лет. 7. a) Read the box. Find examples of the verb to be in the dialogue — Посмотри еще раз диалог в упр. 4 и выпиши все случаи употребления глагола to be . b) Write the correct personal pronoun — Напиши правильное личное местоимение. Susan ‘s new to the school — Сьюзан новенькая в школе I ‘m 14 years old — Мне 14 лет They ‘re in room E — Они в кабинете Е He ‘s my best friend — Он мой лучший друг You ‘re in Grade 7 — Ты на курсе 7. Harry (f) — play basketball — играет в баскетбол Linda (c) — read book — читает книгу Vicky (g) — take the dog for a walk — идет с собакой на прогулку Sam (e) — have lunch — обедает Oeter (a) — go jogging — идет на пробежку. 2. Look at the picture and complete the questions. Then answer them. — Посмотри на картинку и закончи вопросы. Затем ответь на них. postman — почтальон mechanic — механик doctor — доктор baker — пекарь waiter — официань painter — маляр teacher — учитель taxidriver — водитель такси. • have — иметь • swim — плавать • go — идти • work — работать • meet — встречать • practise — практиковаться • eat — есть • do — делать • look — смотреть • paint — красить • serve — обслуживать • read — читать • deliver — доставлять • repair — ремонтировать • wait — ждать • come — приходить. Cha-no, in the Cairngorms, is an easy to access winter venue with mixed and gully climbs from II to VII - perfect for a shorter and lower commitment day. The… Check out this review of our Outer Hebrides climbers' guide on UKClimbing.com. With reports of snow on the tops, early season mixed will soon be upon us. Check out the interactive Northern Corries winter climbing package within the … What to do now that you’ve finished all of your Munros and Corbetts in the awesome summer we’ve just had?! Why not pick up a copy of The Grahams and The Donalds… When it comes to our TV show, I tend to overpack. I love each corner of Europe — but there are only 30 minutes, or 3,000 words, in each episode. Invariably our episodes come in at 32 minutes or so, and I need to make the hard cuts. While it’s painful to lose bits I really like, the tighter shows are better without them. And recently I heard from another tattooed traveler. Annie, who owns the Little Annie Motel Tattoo Parlor in Los Angeles, just. Last year in Milwaukee, I had an unforgettable experience. I had just given a talk to an energetic and positive crowd at the Pabst Theater, and I was enjoying a fun atmosphere of pandemonium in the lobby. It’s always a thrill to meet happy travelers — but this was a first: Three women greeted me with brand-new tattoos that shared the message to “Keep on Travelin’.” Many of you have been watching Rick Steves’ Europe for literally decades, and I thought, as we celebrate the arrival of our tenth season (12 all-new episodes debuting next month. “Day Hike! North Cascades, 2nd edition” by Mike McQuaide (Sasquatch, $16.95) . The Bellingham writer updates his North Cascades trail guide, with tips on 59 hikes to take, most of them between the North Cascades Highway and the Canadian border. “Day Hike! Olympic Peninsula, 2nd edition” by Seabury Blair Jr. (Sasquatch, $16.95) . The outdoor columnist for the Kitsap Sun suggests 71 hikes to take along beaches, bluffs, valleys, rivers, creeks and up into “The High Country” of the Olympic Peninsula. “National Wildlife Federation Field Guide to Trees of North America” by Bruce Kershner, Daniel Mathews, Gil Nelson and Richard Spellenberg, foreword by Craig Tufts (Sterling, $19.95) . An impressive field guide to North American trees, including the Pacific Madrone (locally called madrona), Douglas fir and numerous other Pacific Northwest species. With color photographs of whole tree with inset details. Co-author Mathews lives in Portland. “Day Hike! Central Cascades, 2nd edition” by Mike McQuaide (Sasquatch, $16.95) . Sixty-nine suggested hikes, most of them accessed along the Interstate 90 and Highway 2 corridors. McQuaide, who contributes monthly outdoor stories to NWWeekend, lives in Bellingham. Five self-guided walks in Hong Kong’s most quintessential neighbourhood. Discover the best Hong Kong has to offer travellers with this broad overview of everything from the great outdoors to dining options, including itineraries and maps. Your Guide to Hiking and Cycling in Hong Kong. If you’re trying to get an overview of Hong Kong, you’ve come to the right place. These e-guidebooks provide an insight into everything from award-winning Chinese dishes to some of the best hiking trails around town. TI graphing calculators are learning tools designed to help students visualize concepts and make connections in math and science. Take a look at the TI Calculator Comparison Chart to find which model fits your needs. The TI-83 Plus is approved for use on the following exams: Easy-to-use graphing calculator for math and science that lets students graph and compare functions, as well as perform data plotting and analysis. Its FLASH™ ROM memory allows students to update and add software applications (Apps). *SAT & AP are registered trademarks of the College Entrance Examination Board, which was not involved in the production of and does not endorse this product. PSAT is a registered trademark of both the College Board and National Merit Scholarship Corporation, which were not involved in the production of and do not endorse this product. ACT is a registered trademark of ACT, Inc., which does not endorse this product. IB is a registered trademark of the International Baccalaureate Organization. Five self-guided walks in Hong Kong’s most quintessential neighbourhood. Explore a down-to-earth Hong Kong neighbourhood with recommendations from locals, walking routes and more. If you’re trying to get an overview of Hong Kong, you’ve come to the right place. These e-guidebooks provide an insight into everything from award-winning Chinese dishes to some of the best hiking trails around town. Your Guide to Hiking and Cycling in Hong Kong.


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