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Тест состоит из 10 заданий. К каждому заданию дается 4 варианта ответа. Правильным ответом может быть как один, так и несколько вариантов. Время тестирования и количество попыток неограниченно. После прохождения теста вы можете получить справку с результатами на свою электронную почту. Предлагаем студентам экономических специальностей проверить свои знания КонсультантПлюс с помощью обучающих мини-тестов. As flight attendant Amanda Pleva wrote in a 2017 posts on Flyertalk, "You know what the worst part of my job is? It isn’t cleaning up vomit or dealing with an angry passenger yelling in my face, which is what most people assume. It is when I stand at the aircraft door greeting people and get ignored. To have someone clearly see me and ignore my 'hello' and walk on by is the most dehumanizing experience. It sounds trite and probably is, but all these years later I can’t get past the icky feeling of having someone not even think I am worth a simple 'hi' or even just a quickly flashed smile." As Southerners, we know the importance of a warm welcome and always make the extra effort to bookend our requests with "please" and "thank you." So while this tip for amazing service while flying may come as no surprise to folks in our neck of the woods, it's certainly worth a reminder: Say hello to your flight attendants when boarding a plane. So there you have it. Be your darling self and spread the joy from the front of the cabin to the back, ladies and gents. First-class treatment on an economy budget. Island Holiday Sale: Ends 11.59pm AEDT 15 October 2018, unless sold out prior. Includes return Starter fares, excludes checked baggage. Selected travel dates and terms and conditions apply. For when the unexpected happens. Domestic Ticket Cancellation coverage from $10.95pp** *Transfers is offered by HolidayTaxis. Jetstar doesn’t offer transfers directly. For full terms and conditions click here. Get member-only fares, early access to our biggest sales, and 20% off bag and seat selection. Select the fuel type and enter your fuel price to personalize savings estimates. Hauling cargo on your roof increases aerodynamic drag (wind resistance) and lowers fuel economy. A large, blunt roof-top cargo box, for example, can reduce fuel economy by around 2% to 8% in city driving, 6% to 17% on the highway, and 10% to 25% at Interstate speeds (65 mph to 75 mph). 5. Rear-mount cargo boxes or trays reduce fuel economy by much less—only 1% or 2% in city driving and 1% to 5% on the highway. 10- 18 баллов — ваш уровень Upper-Intermediate. Оба уровня - Intermediate и Upper-Intermediate — подразумевают под собой уверенное владение большинством коммуникативных моделей и грамматических конструкций. Точно определить свой уровень вы сможете, ответив на 20 вопросов теста. 5-10 правильных ответов — ваш уровень Intermediate. Если вы набрали более 18 баллов — возможно, ваш уровень выше. Я рекомендую вам пройти следующий тест Upper-Intermediate or Advanced? Get cool comfort and energy savings with new ENERGY STAR certified room air conditioners. As the temperature heats up, let the experts at ENERGY STAR lead the way to comfort and energy savings in your home. With ENERGY STAR, laundry is just better; better for your clothes, better for you and your family, better for the environment. A new home or apartment that has earned the ENERGY STAR label has undergone a process of inspections, testing, and verification to meet strict requirements set by the US EPA. ENERGY STAR certified homes and apartments use significantly less energy than typical new homes and apartments while delivering better comfort, quality, and durability. Passengers 290 (2-class configuration) Height 55 ft 10 in (17 m) Range 7,635 nmi (14,140 km) Bringing new ideas to life through technology advancements, disruptive market strategies, and venture partnerships. Use our search tool to find grants, funding or assistance programs to help your business grow and succeed. The top 8 must have items for every homepage… Find out how to innovate, restructure, change and improve the way you run your business. Research your market, reach your customers, get online and stand out from the crowd. 14 (based on average pint of 5% cider) units = 6 pints of cider. 14 (based on 25ml shot of 40% spirit) units = 14 single shots. If you drink no more than 6 glasses a week you will be at low risk of alcohol affecting your health. Select the drinks above to see what.


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